Spectrum of Services

We provide advice and guidance on a full range of policies:

  • Macroeconomic frameworks: fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies, trade and balance of payment issues, external and internal debt issues, intergovernmental fiscal relations, analysis of public investment.


  • Macroeconomic reforms and modeling (CGE, two or three-gap models).


  • Budget management (revenue and expenditure management, deficit targeting)


  • Financial sector reforms including banking system analysis of vulnerability.


  • Structural reforms including sources of growth, analysis of competitiveness, industrialization, structural transformation, agricultural productivity analysis, investment analysis.


  • Microeconomic reforms including value chain analysis, labor productivity, capital adequacy, firm level issues.


  • Creating light manufacturing factories to demonstrate growth and potential for job creation.


How We Work With Clients

Our approach is designed to be client specific. For example, to prepare a light manufacturing study, we first make an assessment of our client’s initial conditions.  A concise field survey is carried out to explore the existing potential of the client. The field study is then combined with the most up-to-date data available in the world.  An in-depth study using all available sources of data is then conducted to identify constraints to growth. Specific, yet practical policy recommendations are then made, followed by a detailed plan to carry out the recommendations, which includes the tangible development of light manufacturing factories transferred from the Far East.